Up2Us Sports and Edgework Consulting have been working together for more than 5 years to leverage the power of sports to help kids heal.  To date, we’ve trained more than 10,000 coaches to understand the impact that exposure to adverse childhood experiences and other kinds of toxic stress can have on young people.  We’ve provided these coaches with a road map to create safe spaces for kids affected by trauma. Through our training, coaches learn strategies that encourage kids to be physically active, become more comfortable in their bodies, develop competence, and make meaningful connections with caring adults and supportive teammates. We have trained coaches to manage challenging behavior that may arise as a result of a young person’s exposure to trauma—behavior that can keep kids from accessing positive activities.  We’ve given more than 1 million kids a trauma-sensitive coach.

But coaches are only one piece of the puzzle.  In order to truly create healing environments in sports, we must also address the structure of a sports training session, the design of the league or program in which a team operates, and provide the young people with the tools to participate in their own healing.  

In 2017, we’ll post a series of reports and tools that provide the foundation of a body of work on sport and trauma.  We’ll offer trainings and events through which you can learn how to create a trauma-informed sports experience or become a trauma-sensitive coach.  And we’ll share stories of other pioneers in the field who are bringing to life everyday the unique healing elements of sport.  



Edgework consulting

Founded in 2001, Edgework Consulting has been providing cutting edge research, training and program design to leading organizations and institutions around the world .  Edgework has been working at the forefront of the sport for social change movement, and specifically the emerging field of sport and trauma for over a decade,  At Edgework, we are proud to be a team comprised of mad scientists, entrepreneurs, coaches, artists, competitors and relationship architects who believe real progress is made through collaboration, communication and challenging mindsets.


up2us sports 

Established in 2010, Up2Us Sports is a national nonprofit dedicated to inspiring youth to achieve their potential by providing them with coaches trained in positive youth development.  The organization does this by identifying, training and supporting coaches in their communities who bring sports-based youth development to the most underserved communities.  Up2Us Sports’ research, training and on-the-ground initiatives empower sports programs across the country to become a united force for meaningful change.  To date, Up2Us Sports has reached more than 290,000 youth by placing nearly 2,100 coaches in underserved urban communities.